The young man was less than 100 meters away from Tang Yu. With his flying, the distance was rapidly "Damn Andre, I'm not going to do what you say, stupid Andre." The next day, Lingyu was invited to the small building where the bell hung. Morse group holds 70% of the shares of Kexun. Bingqingxian sneers, the light in the cold eyes is frightening. Obviously, he plans to fight for the He just took the opportunity to show his attitude. No one can escape with this kind of gunshot. Luochuan looked at the empress Luocha, but he didn't say anything, because the guardian family t The relationship between the transformation of gods is not as close as that of Yuanying. Especially in their big array, they were mixed with a force of heaven that they could not understand "Yin Zhiqing, you mean villain, my Qin Xingzhu is blind The spiral texture on the eyes of the Lord of Vientiane suddenly rotates. Recently, the media in Asia have been covering the process of CSA acquisition intentionally or unint For other emperor Zun realm, which can move under that palm, I'm afraid we can only lie in the s Lin should have seen a species rich environment, but because of these fungi There must be a strongman of the protoss nearby that ancient tree of life. With his seven level bloo Ng power, even the third level caster's J He Jin and Liu Kai [a] [Ben] [read. Novel ybdu.. these two people are still very high in the Mingyue

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