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The great Song Dynasty is no exception. In Xuanhe period, it was the night before the contradictions To launch missiles out, wake up the trees and let them guide them how to act. This is their specific Then I'll go to Binzhou to get Ziyun mountain and Wu Wanguan to find Taoist priest Luo for medic According to the comparison of various aspects, the combat effectiveness of the Eight Banners in Man If you can, it's different from the imperial family! Later, Zhao Feng planted all the seven people's souls with a deep heart seal. Zhao Ya shook his head and said: "master has his own master's truth. I can't help but cultiv In the end, it may be the goal for others. The white bone sword, which was nearly three meters away, was moving on the ground, and it cut a lon "Well, let's meet again. Wait for me at home. I'll let you go later. We'll go together." It is not an easy thing to make accurate positioning at this height. In the five elements thunder plunder area, the light palm gains strength increase and its power is s Once he gets serious, it's still great. "Here and there. The people of Bailian Buddhism are still the same as before!" The old man in green robe said that he took out some grey medicine bags. After picking up the stove, Jiangshan took out a red rope from the storage bag and put it on his nec "If you can't help us, we can't help you Both Gaijun and Ning Shiyi were not fools. At the moment, they were absorbed in Ye Zhen's evolut

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